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Timber Infestation Treatment in Stockton-on-Tees

Timber Infestation Treatment


Traditional building methods combined with a predominantly damp, temperate climate causes the UK housing stock to suffer some of the highest levels of risk from insect and fungal attack to structural timbers. It is considered “good practice” in building design to pre-treat timber with preservatives as a lifetime precaution against dry rot or woodworm.

Unfortunately, most traditional buildings (and a lot of relatively modern ones too) do not have the benefit of such protection and this, combined with poor maintenance, leads to many cases of timber decay being identified during housing surveys.

The term ‘Woodworm’ is a generic term often used to describe several wood boring insects, which make a home in your property, leaving hundreds of tiny holes and bore dust. If left untreated woodworm can cause severe damage to any timber present in your home, be it structural or furniture.

The Damp Specialists have the expertise to protect your property from the issues of timber infestation. The existence of wood worm or other types of beetle infestation is usually discovered by the appearance of holes on the surface of timbers. The size of the holes, their shape and type of timber will determine the type of infestation problem you may have encountered. Our fully trained competent surveyors will be able to identify the type of infestation and recommend the most appropriate cost effective solution to eradicate your infestation problem.

What causes wood rot?

Organisms which cause timber infestation consume wood. Should you have a timber infestation this may be due to woodworm either caused by insects or wood rot caused by either dry rot or wet rot fungus. As well as furniture and skirting boards, they may also devour the structural timbers of your home, this includes joists and floorboards causing them to weaken.

When it comes to timber infestation, the main causes tend to be…

  • Common Furniture Beetle
  • Death Watch Beetle
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • House Longhorn Beetle
  • Wood Weevil

Each of these woodworm infestations can cause devastating damage to a property and when it comes to five year life cycles, once you have woodworm in your property, only a professional, expert team can remove it.

At Your Damp Specialists we work across Stockton on Tees to remove all trace of woodworm and timber infection for our clients, no matter what the source of infection may be. No matter the kind of beetle you’re being infested with, or the extend of the damage caused, if you’re experiencing a problem with timber infestation that we can assist.

Fast and efficient wet & dry rot removal

When it comes to removing rot from your timber, we understand that time is essential, we aim to provide a service that is as speedy and cost effective as possible. When it comes to removing timber infestation, this can help save the expense of more costly timber structural repairs later. By ridding your property of woodworm, this doesn’t have to be a traumatic process, our team work efficiently. We also use only the latest technology as well as non-flammable, low odour and low hazard insecticides.

Should you have very severe rotting damage then our professional team have the necessary experience to remove and replace any damaged timbers as quickly and efficiently as possible as well as to a time scale that best suits your requirements.


Your Damp Specialists have over 30 years building and construction experience across a wide variety of industries.

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We pride ourselves on providing a service that is focused on the customer’s needs not what we think you need. We also offer our damp proofing services in Middlesbrough.


All work by Your Damp Specialists is inspected and signed off only when the customer is happy so that you can be assured of a quality finish.


We do not employ hard sell tactics, just simple competent advice on how to identify, treat and remedy your damp problems.

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“Very professional company. I would highly recommend Your Damp Specialists to others in the local area. As well as companies who operate in large buildings.” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Charles Douglas, Director

Had the guys from Your Damp Specialists come round to fix two damp problems I had. The initial survey that was carried out for free was superb. Very thorough & detailed everything I needed to see. The guys then came round to do the work. Very good, tidy & stress free all round. Very happy with the company from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone who thinks they may well have a damp problem. – Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Matt Mond, Homeowner

“Would highly recommend Your Damp Specialists, very punctual which seems to be a bit of a rarity these days, excellent work from start to finish, cost efficient, high standard of workmanship and extremely tidy.” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Chris Matt, B&B Owner

“No problems at all from Your Damp Specialists, smooth from start to finish, no hassle, no worries, will be recommending to family and friends.” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Liam Scott, Homeowner

“After 12 hours of being fitted we noticed the air quality had improved and the condensation had begun to disappear from the windows. Within 48 hours the musty smell had gone, all condensation had disappeared and the mould was starting to disappear. We only wish we had known about it sooner as we have lived with a condensation problem for years!” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- James Page, Homeowner

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