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Masonry Protection in Stockton-on-Tees

Masonry Protection

Masonry protection cream is a deeply penetrating water repellent cream for brick, stone, and concrete. It works by lining the pores of porous bricks, rather than blocking them – allowing the wall to continue to breathe preventing moisture build. This then provides long lasting protection from water penetration as well as frost/salt damage.

The cream’s purpose …

  • Protects bricks from rain
  • Improves flood resistance of masonry
  • Protects against frost damage
  • Improves the performance of cavity wall insulation
  • Improves thermal resistance of masonry

Our professional team is highly trained in the use of masonry protection cream, and can increase the lifespan of your masonry today.


Your Damp Specialists have over 30 years building and construction experience across a wide variety of industries.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing a service that is focused on the customer’s needs not what we think you need. We also offer our damp proofing services in Middlesbrough.


All work by Your Damp Specialists is inspected and signed off only when the customer is happy so that you can be assured of a quality finish.


We do not employ hard sell tactics, just simple competent advice on how to identify, treat and remedy your damp problems.

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What our customers say...

“Very professional company. I would highly recommend Your Damp Specialists to others in the local area. As well as companies who operate in large buildings.” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Charles Douglas, Director

Had the guys from Your Damp Specialists come round to fix two damp problems I had. The initial survey that was carried out for free was superb. Very thorough & detailed everything I needed to see. The guys then came round to do the work. Very good, tidy & stress free all round. Very happy with the company from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone who thinks they may well have a damp problem. – Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Matt Mond, Homeowner

“Would highly recommend Your Damp Specialists, very punctual which seems to be a bit of a rarity these days, excellent work from start to finish, cost efficient, high standard of workmanship and extremely tidy.” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Chris Matt, B&B Owner

“No problems at all from Your Damp Specialists, smooth from start to finish, no hassle, no worries, will be recommending to family and friends.” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- Liam Scott, Homeowner

“After 12 hours of being fitted we noticed the air quality had improved and the condensation had begun to disappear from the windows. Within 48 hours the musty smell had gone, all condensation had disappeared and the mould was starting to disappear. We only wish we had known about it sooner as we have lived with a condensation problem for years!” Stockton-on-Tees 2017

- James Page, Homeowner

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